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Keeping a Clean, Fish-Friendly Home

My mom has taught me many things over the years, not the least of which is the importance of having a clean house. Not just because it looks nice-but because it helps keep you from getting sick! Not surprisingly, Mom’s advice translates to fish homes, too. Good fish aquarium maintenance doesn’t have to be a […]

The Answers to Your Flea Problems Finally Revealed!

By Dr Mark Perissinotto When the war on fleas starts to become a losing battle it might be time to re-assess your current flea prevention techniques in order to get to the bottom of why these little blood-sucking creatures are still successfully invading your home and living on your pets. It can be extremely frustrating […]

Important Phone Numbers Every Dog Owner Should Have

We are happy to provide this list of important phone numbers that every dog owner should have – feel free to print and share this great resource (you can also download the PDF resource document in our Resources section).   Download the resource document:  Important Phone Numbers Every Dog Owner Should Have Important Phone Numbers […]